Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Those awkward moments.

What is life without a few awkward moments, those moment later in life you are going to smile and laugh about with a tint of embarrassment?

There are a few in my life too.

Moment #1, Location: School

It was a regular day in school, I was sitting with my friend in a boring lecture all of a sudden he sneezed and covered his mouth to supress the sound but this gave to a new sound a fart, little prick turned his head towards me and smiled the whole damn class thought I was the one who did it I prayed that I melt that very moment.

Moment #2, Location: Movie Theatre

I along with my girlfriend (Now it is ex… good riddance) went to watch a movie at a local mall. Somewhere during the movie she placed her head on my shoulders and held my hands, wickedly I too reciprocated. Somewhere between the movie I moved my hand around her and held her and she didn’t resist, then I gently pulled her towards me, playfully she resisted I pulled her again. I leaned in with an intention of a kiss and so did she, just a moment before the kiss I burped and she retreated and so did I. needless to say I wasn’t lucky again that day.

Moment #3, Location: Home sweet home.

I was surfing through net to download some new movies, my dad came by me asked me to send him couple of his files as mail to his friend I said sure I will. I opened two tabs one for send his mail and second for torrent, and as I was waiting for the attachment to upload and suddenly the pop up of torrent opened a blonde doing some “stuff” (you know what that is) my dad was shell shocked and so was I. we avoided each other’s gaze for a few min and later I explained how it happened.

These are some moments I still think and laugh about. So what is yours ??