Sunday, November 3, 2013

The girl I met 5 times.

I was eleven, when I saw you first. Something in my chest was going bonkers that’s when I knew heart sometimes can act like crazy but I still didn't know why it was acting this way. Was it because of you? Or I was just dying. I didn't care which one was it as long as I was seeing you. I was just momentarily distracted by all this thought, but felt like I missed a lifetime without seeing you.
We were at the movie theatre  and I barely saw the movie all I want was to see you. I wanted us to talk but I didn't know what to say or how will you respond and above all I didn't wanted you to know I was staring at you. As the movie was ending I was feeling down. I didn't know when we are going to meet you again, that thought was killing me. After the movie we all went back and I was thinking about you for the remainder of the day. I soon forgot about you but occasionally I still thought of you.
It was almost a year later we met again. You have grown into a more beautiful girl, I still wonder how that was even possible? But it sure did, one of the many wonders of God I guess. You were more vibrant than ever. Your face was emitting some kind of glow making your face look angelic. I don’t know why but when you smiled I did along with you.
I had to wait for almost two years before I meet you again. This time it was different, you were no longer a small girl. You were slowly turning into a woman a beautiful woman. This time too we didn't talk. This time after going home I tried to find more about you, though I didn't much but I knew you love to read. I too started to read thinking this will bring us closer, it never did but id at least take my mind off you.
I waited for another two years before I met you again and then another one year for one more meeting. All of them were more or the same. I sat or walked around watching you while you were with your friends laughing and talking. I almost felt like a stalker though I never intentionally met you. Some of your habits were really amusing me. Like you tuck your hair on back of your ears as every time you make a sudden movement of your head it came down. Pull your ear when you are bored.
And after a gap of two and half year we met again and for the last time. I still remember how you looked, it was beauty personified. You were no longer a girl any more you were a woman. You wore a beautiful black dress, with your pixie haircut, a black handbag. This time we had a conversation. I accidentally (well by accidentally I mean purposefully) bumped into you and you dropped your bag. I said I am sorry and you retorted by saying it wasn’t mine fault and it was yours as you didn't look around while walking and you smiled and blew my mind and we walked apart.
It’s been 4 years that we last met. I still sometimes think and cherish these memories, it’s all that is left. Some times when I am at the mall I just take a look around to see if you are there and smile at myself for doing it.