Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What is happiness?

                                                                Image Courtesy : Google Images

Webster tells us that happiness is "the emotion evoked by success or by the prospect of possessing what one desires." I wanted to complete some work today which I did and I was happy for about an hour for completing it. Then I wanted to eat a pizza, I ordered one and ate it. I was happy for some time.

It’s clear once we acquire something we wanted the happiness soon fades away and we are back to the dissatisfied self. Many say to be happy we have to give up our desire, giving up desire means giving up our life. We have to desire but for the right things.

Suppose I am a diabetic and all I desire is to eat sweet am I not a fool? The reason I am fool is I am desiring for the wrong thing, the very thing that can kill me. What is desire is equally important as desire itself.
The very nature of human comes from the soul and the very nature of the soul is “sat-chit-ananda” always happy at heart. And we look for it at all wrong places and things. It’s right inside us in our heart.

In ancient Vedas it is said “When you make the resolve, you become eligible immediately. When you maintain your eligibility through your deeds, you get the positive results in terms of happiness, achievements, satisfaction etc. When you see the positive results, your faith increases further and you enhance your deeds even more. When the faith becomes unflinching, you achieve the ultimate truth or bliss.”(Yajurveda 19.30)

It is hard no doubt about it but it’s totally worth it. Well who doesn't want to happy all we have to do take a higher route transcend the seven sins, have no attachment to worldly objects and the most Important loose our ego. Now we are good to go.

Let us all try and be happy truly happy.