Friday, November 1, 2013

First Year Engineering

This is perhaps the most memorable year of all Engineering students  from Mumbai University and from my college Yadavrao Tasgoankar Institute Of Engineering And Technology or now we say "Sabse Junnawala Tasgoankar" meaning oldest college in campus as there are 3 colleges in the campus. Its been 5 years after my First Year and I still remember it vividly each and every special moment.
Like most students I was an average student and pretty confident that I am easily going to complete my Degree and will pass out with flying colors..... I have never been so wrong in my whole life !!!  

I was well prepared for the first day of college got up early, wore what I thought would look great on me went to the nearby train station (Thakurli) quite for boarding the train (I was not that eager its just because if we miss a train there is no train for an hour or so). I was later joined by a few of my friends from my Junior College we all were pretty happy about opting for engineering. One of the guy was from Bio-Medical we made a bit fun of him as we all were feeling macho as were from Mechanical (The Bio-Med guy got the job first). In first year saw most of us enter with desire, determination and a willingness to work and learn (yes, imagining that I had ever felt that  is way absurd now). 

It was around an hour journey in train and we reached our destination Bhivpuri Road and walked for a few min to the bus stop. There was no sign of bus and it was getting crowded by the minute, right about that time a couple of bus came the crowd went wild just like a pack of hyenas as they drag in their prey. It was an absolute mayhem, we some how managed to get in the bus and grab a couple of seats too.

Bhivpuri during monsoon looks exotic there is greenery everywhere vast farmlands, huge waterfalls, a muddy river flowing and just besides the river was our college. It looked absolutely marvelous (and in around half hour we are going to learn looks can be pretty deceiving).

We went to the notice board where the class of each student is shown and alas mine and one of my friends name is not there in the whole list. We had to go to almost all the people starting from the office assistants to the principal to sort of this. 

Then the life became a hell lot of monotony college... pvt classes...home...sleepless nights for completion of assignments and yet somehow my assignments were never complete. At last it was semester I exams and the very first papers was Applied Maths I. My memory of this paper is blacked out all I could tell was three things
1) Examiner who was there was really a piece of work, he said you are going to fail in this paper to a couple of my friends during the duration of the examination 
2) I was exploring various function on my scientific calculator
3) I was damn sure I was going to fail
And it was during one of the papers I started playing a football after a longtime and still continue it.

A long 90+ day wait and it was result day I was confident I was going to clear all papers except Applied Maths I and I cleared for about half and hour. Later I was told I checked result of some other guy and I flunked in 5 of 6 papers.

I was devastated. There were many people who I thought of as retards cleared most of the papers. Then came the second semester all I did then was play football with my friends and I made my way to attendance defaulter's list. Our Professors asked us to donate books of those subjects in which we had low attendance. This led to an uproar among student and one of the guy organised a "STOP THE BUS" campaign we all went and stood on front of the bus not allowing it move an inch. This civil disobedience lasted for about half hour by then teachers had come and took the guy leading it to principals office needless to say the rest of us ran for our life and eventually brought our parents to our college.

Celebrated lot of days chocolate day,tie day, traditional day each day a very unique memory. Made many new friends. After the monotonous routine of College....Pvt Classes...Home...Sleepless Nights  it was semester II exams. I had 11 papers of which had to clear 7 or more to pass and go to to second year. I did everything i could yet managed only to clear 6 papers so that was it a long year in college followed by a gap year.Many of my friends scraped through into next year only to take a gap year after that.

This was how my  First Year Engineering ended though not a happy ending enjoyed every moment of it.

Dedicate to all my mates from my college making college life best part of life.