Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where I divorced my parents :P

This is so far the best con I have ever pulled off. It happened about two years ago during one of the semester exams. If I recall correctly it was Mechanical Vibrations one of the toughest papers in Mechanical Engineering. The preparation done by me was mediocre, enough to scrape by a 40 or so I thought.

On the day of examination just to ensure we are covering all the necessary topics we (me and couple of my friends) decided to board an early morning train to our college even though the paper was to start by 3 pm. There was no place to sit in the whole of campus even the library was full. So we decided to go to the terrace and prepare for the paper.

For the first one hour it was great then as the day progressed I had a gut feeling that there is no use of studying and we are going to flunk the paper and I gave up but my comrades didn't. Another fifteen minutes passed I heard an enormous swear and I knew they too had given up. They started planning one of their night out plan which whisky to buy, how much should they buy, what should be the side dish to go along with it . I don't know about these things so I sat herd their various arguments had my lunch and prepared to be doomed.

It was almost three we were on our way down to check which classroom we are going to sit for the exam on way down many of our classmates were trying to mug up various formulas and other stuff. I smiled, somehow I knew the end result of the people who prepared and us was going to be same. We saw the list fortunately all of us were in the same room, the rooms beside the exam department.

The examiner came in with the answer sheets and the question papers and distributed to all the students in there. I glanced through the paper and then turned my heads towards my friends and then around the classroom the expression on each and every face was same a blank or vacant look everyone knew there was no in hell they are going to clear that paper. Yet as a desperate attempt they started to scribble the paper with what little they knew.

Meanwhile I was just waiting to get out of the room. Just so I won't sleep and to kill the time I started making logos of various cars on my question paper sheet and right about I finished my third figure of Mercedes the exam squad walked inside the class. I knew if they were going to see my sketch on paper I was screwed and I tried best to hide it, but alas!!! Luck didn't favour me the only paper they checked was mine. I was shouted at by the squad for being such irresponsible, at a point I lost my cool ad retorted by saying something and I was asked to leave the class and they took me to the examination department.

They opened my answer sheet only to find just one answer scribbled in and then followed by 38 blank pages. Shouting started again and said
"Give me your father's number."
Me: “He doesn't use a mobile."
They: "Then give his office number."
Me: "He is retired and he is at home."
They: "Give me your mothers' number."
Me: "There is no use calling her. They are not together anymore."

(This was where my whole con started. My mom is staying at our place in Kerala and I and my dad are here in Mumbai so technically speaking they were not together. But the on duty staff took it as they are divorced which is what exactly I wanted.)

The moment I said that I had a few tears in my eyes. The people in the room were stunned, hell even I was stunned. I knew I pulled it off, all that was left to do was apologize for my behaviour and I knew I will be walking out of the room scot free.

That exactly what happened. I was asked not to write that paper. None of my friends cleared this paper and neither did majority of other students. Till date this was the toughest paper for that subject.

PS: I apologize to the staff for doing such a thing but that was the only thing that would have saved me that day. Lots and love and respect to all of you.