Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Interview with God

I was drowning, water was gushing into my lungs. With passing of each second I was dying, I tried to swim but the current was too strong for me. In my feeble voice I cried “Help!!!” none of the friends were hearing my cry. I was sure I was going to die, I was passing out the last though on my mind was “God, to thee I come.”

I opened my eyes, I was lying face down, listening to nothing but silence. I was all alone. Lying on some smooth surface, the surface was neither warm nor cold. The surrounding was in form of some formless white vapour or mist. I thought “Am I dead”. I was wearing some kind of robe, it was white and clean. I have never seen anything as white as my robe and as the surrounding. There was some kind of radiance and then it hit me “I am so dead”.

I called out, only to hear my sound back. I walked alone a path wondering where it will lead. As I didn’t have much to do I thought I will follow the path. I walked for a few minutes and I saw a door some kind of huge ancient door it was white from top to bottom even the door knob was white. Fear was gripping me, my throat was going sore I wanted some water and BAAAM even I could complete my thought on water a jug of water appeared, it scared me even more I thought “How bad it can get, I am already dead”. I took the jug and drank the water, it was the sweetest water I had ever drank, I have never tasted anything like this before. Now there was nothing more to except opening the door. Gathering all my courage I knocked.

“Yes, please come in.” said a voice. The voice was celestial, it was like music, it had a ring in it, it had depth, it had knowledge, it had peace and contend, it had joy and happiness in spite of all it was humble.

I opened the door. I saw a young man around mid-twenties. Six feet tall, black penetrating but kind eyes, broad chest, narrow waist, with a smile in his face revealing his pearl white perfect teeth and wearing a white three piece suit and a red tie. He greeted me like an old friend and asked me to sit. I sat I was mesmerised, stunned how can be someone so handsome and nervously I asked “Are you God?”

With a polite smile He said “People sometimes call me that, I consider myself as your friend, brother, son etc.”
“God, can I ask you some questions?”
“Sure, I will try my best to answer it” he said with a smile.
“Are you the only God? People pray to different God in earth so is it all you?”
“Yes, I am Supreme Personality Of Godhead, all people offer their prayers to different God or they think they do but it all come to me.”
“Ok, why don’t people understand it then? Why are they fighting over You?”
“It is ignorance, they just see the literal meaning of it and they don’t understand the philosophy of knowing me, they twist all the holy books so as to satisfy their whimsical desires. That is the reason they don’t understand me.”
“What is the philosophy of knowing You?”
“It is to know you all the whole universe is part of parcel of me.”
“Ok. We all pray not to put us in tight situations and yet we find ourselves in such situations aging and again, why is that?”
“Well it simple, I want you to change in a good way that is the reason I put you in some tight situation so that you will change in a good way, most of times you don’t so I have to repeat it all over again.”
“How will we know if they change is good or bad isn’t it relative?”
“Sure it is.”
“Then it will vary from person to person, each will think his own view as correct and the other vies as wrong. So how can we determine it?”
“Any decision which you make looking for the greater good and by keeping me in its centre is the only correct perspective.”
“But sometimes keeping you in centre kind of makes it difficult to live by, others think that I am some kind of freak and they turn against me and I will be all alone.”
“May be they will, but on the positive side you have got me don’t you? Whom would you prefer them or Me?”
“Of course You.”
“Also there are many people down there who have dedicated their life for me and who do everything keeping Me in centre, you can always hang around with them, then you won’t feel alone.”
“How can someone always remember you?”
“Its easy, every average human breaths 27,648 times a day, just call out my name the same number of times in a day. So you will be remembering me in each of your breath.”
“Ok. I will surely do that.”
“You promise?”
“I do. But just help me do it.”
“I am always here to help you, never doubt that.”
“What according to You are the qualities one should have?”
“Gratitude, Humility, Love, Compassion, Detachment.
“Why detachment?”
“Else you start to think everything is yours, and you become too used to it and the day that particular thing disappears you become frustrated, annoyed, and angry and you deviate from the good path and engage yourself only to obtain such THINGS”
“Is all this same for all religion?”
“Yes it is.”
“Yet why don’t people understand it?”
“People understand according to their intelligence not all know the subtle meaning.”
“Now this is kind of personal one, can I ask?”
“Sure. Don’t be shy.”
“Am I dead?”
“No you are not.” He said with a smile.
“Is any of our conversation real?”   
“All of them are.”
“Then why can’t all the people talk to you, they go around the world searching for you.”
“They go around the world searching for me that is true, but they forget to look into a place which is the closest”
“Which is that place?”
“Your heart son, you heart.”
“Then how did I get to see you?”
“You called me with all your love, I never ignore someone who call me with all their love, when anyone does that I make sure I am there with him forever.”

I woke up with a jerk, someone was standing over me and pumping the water out from my lungs.
“Welcome back bro, we thought you were dead. We were like Oh God, we have a huge problem.”
With feeble sound I retorted

 “Never ever say that, always say PROBLEM WE HAVE GOD WITH US.”