Friday, December 6, 2013

Breaking Up

“We should break up” she texted him.
“OK” he replied.
“We can still be friends” she said.
“Yes we can” said my friend.

When I heard this all I could think was I want a sniper and shoot her from point blank. My friend was dumped, it is hard non doubt especially when you get dumped via SMS. After being in a relationship for nearly 4 years and dumping him for another guy that too because of sympathies towards him, that is stupid just plain stupid.

He loved her and treated her like a princess. A movie every week, dinner or lunch dates, her birthdays, paying her phone bills, Valentine’s Day celebrations meeting her ex-boyfriends and being warm and friendly towards them. He flunked out once that year he made sure he came to college every single day so that she won’t feel alone and so that they will be together, who does that? And all he got in return was criticism, complaints of what he didn’t accomplish and her frequent tantrums.

She on the other hand is neurotic, occasionally psychotic, control freak, cry baby, obsessive and sympathizes for every living soul except her boyfriend. I still see no reason why he fell for her, after they started dating all his life was a series of unfortunate events.

Whatever be the occasion he always made it a point to be there for her but also for the people she cared about. I still remember once we went on a trip to a waterfall all of us were enjoying the falls, jumping, playing, swimming etc. But he was nowhere to be seen later I asked him why wasn’t he playing with us and she was the one who answered it “I gave him half an hour to play and that is enough” he is a human for crying out loud not your pet dog. I don’t get how people are inconsiderate and insensitive while acting to be the opposite of that.

Luck is weird, it works in strange ways. In my friend’s case he got dumped. My dear friend your luck saved you from the biggest mistake of your life.