Thursday, October 31, 2013

Degree vs Knowledge ??

During the mid 2000 the manufacturers of Cheetos had a novel idea of including Tazzo in the pack. It was a great hit and the sales went of the roof (probably). Later the Tazzos were of much values to the kids bought it for Taazos rather than for the chips. That is the case of education today people are madly running after a lot of degrees but on they way loosing the essence which is the Knowledge.

Yet there are many students who join MOOC like Coursera, Khan Academy, MITx, iUniversity or Stanford online just to quench the thirst of knowledge

Ask any employers this question they will say its knowledge, but the moment you say you have no formal college education or you are autodidact or you do it from MOOC they judge you and take you for a fool. Well expect companies like Google or AT&T they will hire you in spite of these.

The problem is we associate degree with knowledge, that is not the case at least with most of students. There are subjects or even a whole semester which  they clear and they don't have a clue how they did it.

Degree is just a recognition of the knowledge. 

For me there are three types of people
Only Degree and NO Knowledge
Only knowledge and No Degree 
Degree with knowledge

Which one of these are you ???